Our new Guardian Everywhere Solution


We are very aware that customers would love to manage all their people, vehicles and assets all in one place.

The challenge is that most of the good solutions have their own software, and they are protective of their investment.  Quite rightly.

So while we didn’t quite get all our products into one place, we did find a new very worthy option for remote staff.

Where we began

We evaluated three options, two local NZ ones and one US based.  We engaged a Chief Technology Officer to help us with the deep dives on the options.

We wanted to be really sure we understood exactly how the devices communicated to the software and to make sure the solutions was super robust with a good development roadmap going forward.

We ended up partnering with Everywhere Communications in USA who were clear leaders in the robustness and understanding of not just the Garmin solutions, but also the iridium network.

Their solution is in use by Government and Enterprise in 80 countries, so it was well proven.  The engagement from their team has been a great experience and we very much look forward to contributing to the further development and safety features of the solution.

Moving existing inReach devices is easy! Get in touch now

We have our first customers moved across to the new Guardian Everywhere portal and they love it.

Early next year we’ll be busy transitioning most of our other customers across so that they can realise the massive improvements in functionality and safety.  And it will also be cost saving for many.

It’s super easy to move existing devices and happens overnight basically but we do need a new service agreement signed, and your devices need to have a factory re-set done (basically push of a button on the device) then we’ll test and you’re away!

The device users don’t need training as nothing really changes, but to learn about the new functions on the portal and the app, we have some training videos and material to share with you.

We are scheduling move dates for our clients now so if you’re interested in moving across from the Garmin Enterprise portal or Tracertrak Portal, please get in touch so we can plan the implementation process.

Everything in one place?  Not yet (without significant compromises)

Getting location of vehicle and other GPS products sent to a software map portal is relatively easy.

We can certainly make that happen using API which will allow you to view everything in one place, however managing the vehicles and devices in one place, is still not quite reality without compromising the choices you have.

Blackline for instance, will send their location data via push API, but they will not allow access to their raw data, nor will they allow their devices to be managed on an alternative portal.  They also will not allow any products other than their own on their portal.

Given Blackline is a leader in remote and lone worker solutions, at this stage, to use their products you have to be on their portal.   And to be honest, I understand their stance.

They have invested millions and years in developing some truly industry leading solutions and they need to protect it.

So we continue to have customers with a mix of Garmin inReach devices for out of cell cover comms and lower risk environments, and G7X from Blackline for their higher risk staff out of cell cover, on the two portals.

It’s not really a problem for most of our customers who don’t mind going to two portals.

Most importantly, the SOS alerts are reliably monitored, the solution is best fit for purpose and staff are using them.

Find out more about our Guardian Everywhere Hub now!

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