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Ensuring Farm Worker Safety with Guardian Angel Safety Solutions


Guardian Angel Safety are your dedicated partner in farm worker safety. With experience in the agricultural landscape, where the rhythm of farm life beats strong, we guard your isolated farm workers so they are never alone. Explore our comprehensive safety hardware, monitoring, software & consulting solutions tailored specifically for the unique challenges of farm environments.

Ensuring Farm Worker Safety with Guardian Angel Safety Solutions

Why Choose Guardian Angel Safety for Farm Worker Safety?

Tailored Lone Worker Solutions.

Our expertise lies in matching the specific risks and environmental challenges of farm work to the most suitable safety hardware and processes. From rugged monitoring devices to advanced consulting services, we tailor solutions that resonate with the distinct needs of your farm workers.

Dedicated to the Farming Community.

We understand the essence of farm life. Our solutions are crafted with an in-depth knowledge of the local landscape, ensuring that your lone workers are safeguarded in every task they undertake on the farm.

Comprehensive Farm Safety Plans

Guardian Angel Safety goes beyond conventional safety measures. We work closely with our clients to develop farm health and safety plans that are practical, effective, and compliant with industry standards. Your workers deserve the best, and we are committed to delivering just that.

Multi-Network Compatibility.

In the ever-evolving landscape of farming technology, our solutions seamlessly integrate with a variety of networks. Whether your farm operates on traditional systems or embraces the latest advancements, we have the tools to keep your workers connected and secure.

Risk Mitigation Strategies

Farm work comes with its inherent risks. Our consultants collaborate with you to identify potential hazards and implement proactive strategies to mitigate risks. Your farm worker safety is not just a priority; it’s our mission.

See real-life examples of the Critical Importance of Timely Response to Lone & Remote Farm Worker Safety in our blog post.

Ready to make the safety of your isolated farm workers your legacy?

At Guardian Angel Safety, we don’t just sell safety solutions; we empower farm owners with the tools and knowledge to create a secure working environment. Our commitment to excellence, paired with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by lone workers, sets us apart as the premier choice for farm worker safety in New Zealand.

A guide to selecting the right solution for your organisations.


Learn how to select the right devices and monitoring while getting clarity on the best isolated farm worker solutions for your organization's needs.


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Lone Worker risk assessment

Identifying an effective Lone Worker management solution can be daunting. Our Lone Worker Risk Assessment helps you cut through the noise. Get a better idea of your lone worker risks.

Lone Worker Safety Solutions Audit

Because we don’t know each other yet we have designed a quick lone worker safety audit. This lets us get to know you better and answer any questions you may have.