Your Lone Worker Solutions Safety Audit™

Because we don’t know each other yet we have designed a quick lone worker safety audit. This lets us get to know you better and answer any questions you may have.

You are probably asking “how much will it cost” and the truth is we would be pulling a number out of thin air without getting a few details from you.


    • You are confused about the level of risk you are exposed to with your staff working remotely or alone or both!
    • You’re confused about what technology you need
    • You find it hard to navigate the red tape about what you actually need
    • You are worried about making the correct purchase decision
    • You want to protect your teams, your directors and your board

    During our 15 minute call we will:

    1. Identify the number 1 biggest risk that keeps you awake at night.
    2. Tell you three specific vital components required that will ensure that your selected solution is implemented successfully, and continues to provide safety for years to come
    3. Guide you on the right tech solutions for your business so you can have peace of mind, your teams are safe, and you get a return on investment.