You're in Safe Hands

We are the industry leading experts at keeping your staff safe.

We’ve spent over a decade working with GPS solutions in a health and safety environment, delivering Lone Worker solutions, and Lone Worker Policy development to clients from Government to SMEs in a variety of risk environments and on a variety of networks, including satellite.

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Why Choose Us

Guardian Angel are the Gold Band standard industry leading experts trusted by safety conscious companies in NZ and Australia. We are passionate about your people and their safety and that’s where our journey together starts.  Guardian Angel also have a number of providers they partner with to ensure the correct solution is implemented for your staff. Hardware partners whose solutions are proven, and whose delivery is trusted.

The networks whether cellular, radio and satellite. The monitoring station is state of the art and have been delivering health and safety monitoring for government departments and private industry for a number of years. Guardian Angel will ensure the wheels keep turning and that your solution keeps delivering long past contract signing. We also offer a consultancy service to re-assess existing solutions, investigate or implement lone worker projects.  There are no short cuts or cutting corners… we know from experience that the 1% of the time that things go wrong, they often go terribly wrong and our solution needs to be 100%.  No compromises.  That’s our promise to our lone workers.  They need to trust us and our solutions or we don’t have a business (and we wouldn’t sleep at night!)

Our Duty of Care

Responsibilites for creating safe work places.


To make a responsible purchase decision that will liberate workers with the ultimate freedom of reliable safety.

Guardian Angel

Responsibility to provide a reliable solution that works 100% of the time and saves lives.

Lone Worker

Responsibility to colleagues and families to be safe and not put others at risk by wearing their device always.

Our Why

Bringing Everything Together

Guardian Angel were finalists in the Westpac Business of the year awards Innovation category.  All finalists were required to film a 30second “our why” video clip.

We care about your safety

We know you do too, but you have a big job to do already.

Let us give you peace of mind that you have handed this project to the industry experts. 

People who know all the solutions on the market and will ensure you end up with the correct one, and will take the time to assess the risks the processes and escalations.

A seamless delivery of a solution that will keep delivering.

We will make sure that the solution you choose is going to do the absolute best it can to keep them safe.

We will talk to them, find out what their fears are, what they have to deal with, where they go, how they move, who will respond, what will work for them and then find the solution that they will use, and will work in their environment.

Not just today, but for as long as you and they need us. That’s our promise. Your staff safety is our business.​

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Please get in touch for guidance and impartial, evidence-based advice to make the responsible choice for the safety of your Lone Workers.