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Lone Worker Safety Monitoring

We offer Critical response Lone Worker Safety Monitoring & Remote Worker Safety Monitoring services 24/7 to organisations in Australia & New Zealand.

Lone worker monitoring is vastly different from monitoring of buildings or assets.

Our lone and remote worker safety operators have specific duress alert training, and we have rigid processes in the event of a duress alarm from a Guardian Angel lone worker.

All the duress devices we supply should be worn on the Lone Worker. In the event of a threat, or incident, the wearer is able to alert our 24/7/365 Monitoring Station with a push of a button or if incapacitated, the device man down function will automatically alert us.

Our skilled operators are able to listen to the incident (if the device is voice capable) and locate a user’s whereabouts using the duress device’s GPS.

By listening to and capturing everything that takes place during the incident, our trained monitoring staff can respond appropriately, depending on the severity of the situation – including calling out the emergency services, alerting colleagues/supervisors and archiving recordings as evidence for any legal action.

The Guardian Angel Security monitoring stationa based in Whanganui, NZ and Victoria Australia, has extensive experience in Lone Worker Monitoring. We have one sophisticated software platform that delivers all the activations, regardless of the device or network it comes in on. Your instructions pop up in front of the operator with clear steps to be taken. Guardian Angel recommended duress devices such as EGIS from Sec.EnginReach from Garmin and Blackline Safety solutions  are integrated via API from the suppliers servers, to the response software. We don’t rely on SMS/emails. So when an SOS is activated on an inReach for example, when it hits the servers in USA, it also hits our response software in NZ.

Our station has solid business contingency plans, including multiple providers for internet, phone and back up power generation. We even have a back up facility in a different city so should there be a disaster and the station has to be evacuated, all signals will be re-directed. We are audited by the government bi-annually to deliver medical alarm monitoring. Your Lone Workers Will Always Be Safe.

Guardian Angel Safety Monitoring API

What happens in the event of a real life SOS emergency?

Download our API Integration Flyer to learn how API Integration saves lives.

Here’s a few things to consider regarding monitoring of lone workers:

  • Every solution should be tested monthly by the operator calling the user.  This provides good practise not just for the user, but also for our operators and importantly, it also checks that everything is working how it should.  Technology does break sometimes and it’s vital that we know fast before a lone worker needs to rely on it.
  • Check that your monitoring station is government-audited to supply medical monitoring.
  • Ensure your monitoring station is a professional station with 24/7 staffing and not a customer service station. And that there are team leaders/senior operators supervising each shift.
  • The operators should have training specific to managing distress alarms.
  • The monitoring station should have solid business contingencies in place such as back up phone, power and internet and a back up station should they need to evacuate their building.
  • Good automated exception reporting makes managing compliance and solution use easy.

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