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InReach on iridium satellite network, the only network with no black spots globally. Perfect for safe remote work.

 If you are currently using a Garmin InReach device or are looking for a satellite solution the Guardian EVERYWHERE Hub adds many layers of safety to the sturdy and reliable Garmin inReach device.

The inReach® satellite communicator, when combined with the Guardian EVERYWHERE Hub, purpose-built enterprise software and intelligent routing, enables organisations to track and communicate with their teams deployed around the globe.

With an inReach device on the Guardian EVERYWHERE Hub intelligent routing allows your team to stay seamlessly connected while moving in and out of cellular service. With intelligent routing, your workers are reachable everywhere, whether they are beyond cellular or inside the office. Other features include geofencing, heat mapping, pulse welfare checks, team structure with customizable display filters and all functionality will be run through a smartphone-based companion app paired with your inReach device.

Moving existing devices and connecting new devices is easy. Same-day activation: Guardian EVERYWHERE Ready to Go.

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