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We help corporates, businesses & governments with remote workers stay in touch & get help fast should they need it no matter where they are working. We do this using Blackline Safety wearable solutions with 24/7 monitoring.

Blackline Safety is based in Canada and have some of the most sophisticated Lone Worker duress devices. The Blackline Portal on which the devices are managed, is intuitive and offers a great selection of automated reports and easy exception based analysis of device use and alert management.

The Blackline Safety Solutions are integrated via API to our Guardian Angel monitoring station in NZ. This means when the alerts hit their servers in Canada, it also hits our response software in NZ.

To top it off, we find them proactive and engaging to deal with which produces better results for our customers too.

The Blackline Live portal is at the core of all Blackline safety monitoring solutions, equipping businesses with leading alert management tools, compliance dashboard and comprehensive configuration management of fielded devices.

The safety status of every team member is visible at a glance using Blackline Live’s real-time maps, which show the location and alert status of all fielded devices.

Easily view the type and status of every alert in real-time, or review the unique alert history of a particular device.

Armed with critical insights from Blackline Live, monitoring personnel are always prepared to spring into action.

Blackline Safety Monitoring Portal

The Blackline Safety stable of products


A hybrid bridge and pendant solution which offers protection everywhere for every risk; iridium and cell cover, SOS, man down, impact and no movement alerts, works inside from pendant to bridge with a 2km radius (terrain dependant), two way SMS messaging, automated welfare checks. We have a range of Lone Workers relying on this from Animal Control staff to Mental Health Nurses.


A cell based duress pendent worn on the person. Functions include; SOS, man down, impact and no movement alerts, two way voice, automated welfare checks. This device can also be fitted with Gas Detection kit for enclosed spaces and other environments where GAS leaks may be a risk.

Loner Mobile App

Turns your Apple or Android smart phone into a lone worker device. Prior to entering a site, building or client’s home, lone workers can send location-based notes to monitoring infrastructure that provide valuable context surrounding their location, activities and risk level. A configurable check-in timer confirms the Lone Workers ongoing well-being and notifies the Guardian Angel monitoring centre of exceptions via safety alerting. If an emergency incident occurs, the user can trigger a Loner Mobile’s SOS alert to notify Guardian Angel monitoring personnel immediately.

Indoor Locating Beacons

Location Beacon augments location transmissions where GPS alone may not be sufficient. Installed inside and around facilities, beacon transmits location signals for proximity detection with a Blackline safety monitoring device.

Beacon works together with optional floor and site plans that are uploaded into the Blackline Live portal by mapping an employee’s location in context of their surroundings and delivering comprehensive situational awareness in and around complex facilities. In addition, Location Beacon provides a configurable power-level that accommodates different positioning resolution needs.

Gas Detection

G7c is the world’s first 3G-connected gas detector with integrated lone worker monitoring and evacuation management tools, connecting workers to live monitoring personnel in real-time. Work-anywhere 3G connectivity is complemented by an industrial two-way speakerphone, text messaging and location tracking.

Devices automatically watch over workers and call for help, even when the employee can’t. G7c delivers comprehensive gas coverage with an exclusive modular design, tailoring gas detection to every industry, application and scenario. Should a gas leak, fall or a no-motion incident be detected, assisted-GPS capability guides responders directly to the effected worker’s location.

Loner Mobile with SOS button

Loner Mobile leverages Blackline’s SOS Button accessory, which features Bluetooth® Smart communications and pairs with a smartphone’s Loner Mobile app. The SOS Button is the critical physical interface used to instantly call for help without the need to have your phone in your hand. All safety incidents are communicated to Guardian Angel monitoring personnel through Loner Mobile app.

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