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Guardian Angel

Guarding your workers
so they are never alone

Integrated into the Guardian Angel Portal, Safe Trips is designed to revolutionise field worker trip safety by allowing users to log trip details in advance, ensuring a proactive approach to risk management and employee well-being.

Greater Visibility

Safe Trips empowers staff members to record vital information about their upcoming work field trips, including trip dates and times, a comprehensive trip description, participant details, vehicle specifications, and the tracking device to be used. Furthermore, the application automatically sends trip details via email to the staff members’ managers and team leaders, facilitating seamless communication and enhanced safety oversight.

Guardian Angel Safe Trips

Identify Potential Hazards

The information stored in Safe Trips enables team leaders and managers to review proposed trips effectively, ensuring potential hazards are thoroughly assessed and experienced personnel are present when visiting locations with safety risks. For organisations that already maintain a register of known hazard locations, Safe Trips can integrate via API with this register, providing valuable insights on hazards related to planned trips.

Guardian Angel Safe Trips

You can’t put a price on safety so we have integrated Safe Trips into our Guardian Angel Portal Gold Subscription.

Check out the video below to see how to proactively manage field worker safety with Guardian Angel Safe Trips.

Simplified Process

Safe Trips simplifies the process of managing work field trips, enhancing safety and reducing risk. With its intuitive interface and robust features, organisations can proactively address potential hazards, ensure compliance with safety protocols, and protect their employees.

Guardian Angel Safe Trips

Your lone workers are our lone workers, get in touch to learn more about Guardian Angel Safe Trips.