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Embracing Excellence: Guardian Angel Safety’s Integrated Approach to Monitoring


Guarding your workers so they are never alone.

At Guardian Angel Safety, our integrated approach to monitoring, in collaboration with top-tier monitoring stations like Alarm Watch and ESS, is a testament to our commitment to reliable safety, with no compromises.

Why Integration Matters: Safety When it Matters Most

Our partnership with monitoring stations is central to our brand promise of making safety your legacy. Here’s why this integrated approach is vital:

  • Advanced Security Grading: Our monitoring stations, boast an A1 grade – the pinnacle of secure facilities. This isn’t just about robust walls; it’s about ensuring that our sites remain impervious to external threats, safeguarding the monitoring of high-risk sites and individuals.
This recent video from Alarm Watch showcases the heart of their operation: a newly rebuilt and upgraded control room, designed to achieve A1 grading.
  • Operational Excellence: A1 grading represents the pinnacle of process efficiency – from the training of operators to comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plans. This operational excellence ensures reliability and responsiveness at all times.
  • Cultural Commitment: At Guardian Angel Safety, we believe in nurturing a positive work culture. This ethos extends to our monitoring stations, where fostering a supportive environment is paramount. Happy employees mean diligent, attentive service and less staff churn – a direct benefit to our clients and the safety of their teams.
  • Transparent and Proud: While our stations answer “Guardian Angel” when our clients call, we are always transparent about who we work with, and are proud of our monitoring stations.

The Difference: Integrated Monitoring vs. In-House Solutions

Choosing integrated monitoring with Guardian Angel Safety means embracing a network of excellence. Unlike in-house monitoring, which often lacks the specialised infrastructure, system integrations and expertise, our approach ensures:

  • Top-Grade Security: Leveraging facilities designed to meet the highest security standards.
  • Expertise and Training: Access to a team of highly trained professionals, ensuring quality and reliability.
  • Advanced Technology: Utilising cutting-edge technology for more efficient and effective monitoring
  • System Integrations:  Guardian Angel monitoring is the only supplier in Australasia fully integrated with solution manufacturers such as Garmin and Blackline for safe reliable delivery of critical alerts.

Transparency and Trust: Our Core Values.

We believe in transparency and are proud to share our journey, including the advancements at monitoring stations like Alarm Watch. This openness is integral to building trust and showcasing our commitment to safety.

Join Us in Our Mission for Safer Workplaces.

Please get in touch for guidance and impartial, evidence-based advice to make the responsible choice for the safety of your Lone Workers.

Together, let’s ensure that every worker returns home safely, every day.


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