The Golden Hour – The Critical Importance of Timely Response to Lone & Remote Worker incidents.


In moments of distress, immediate response can be life-changing. on Monday 21st August a Waikato farmer was trapped under this tractor for some five hours after it rolled on to him and left him with critical injuries, including a crushed pelvis.

This unfortunate incident serves as a reminder of the “golden hour”, the precious window, often the first 60 minutes following a traumatic incident, during which the application of appropriate medical care can substantially enhance the chances of survival and recovery. This highlights the significance of swift intervention and the vital role technology plays in ensuring the well-being of lone workers in distress.

Satellite Communication

In the case of the Waikato farmer, having an Iridium-connected device could have transformed the outcome. Iridium-connected devices in line of sight to the sky provide immediate communication – they empower lone workers to summon help at the touch of a button, regardless of cellular network limitations. These devices can be equipped with GPS tracking, panic buttons, impact and roll over alerts, geo fences with entry and exit alerts and welfare checks to track the safety of a person and other features designed to minimise response times and maximise safety.

The Human Element

With an monitored Iridium Satellite device in place, our monitoring station would have known immediately that there had been an incident. The response team would have then been able to dispatch immediate medical support, potentially reducing the severity of the farmers injuries.

Guarding Your Workers so They are Never Alone

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