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Communications and Coordination During Cyclone and Floods


In July 2023, Guardian Angel Safety Founder & CEO Petra Hakansson shared learnings on Communications and Coordination During Cyclone and Floods from Cyclone Gabrielle at the Disaster & Emergency Management Conference.

Watch the recording where Petra shared insights on how we can be better prepared BEFORE the next disaster strikes!

Petra’s presentation gives an overview of in-field testing during the floods and Cyclone Gabrielle emergencies that exposed protocols that work, won’t work, or need creating from scratch. It also highlighted gaps in processes and data maintenance. The findings will lead to new and improved procedures, training modules and literature that will share these new practices with more organisations.

Do you have questions about your Lone Worker Safety Solution or how satellite communication can help you better prepare if disaster does strike? Guardian Angel Safety can help you ensure your lone workers are protected with the most reliable network. Organise a chat with one of our knowledgable team today.

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