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Guardian Angel Security Launches Guardian EVERYWHERE Hub: Reliable Safety For Remote Workers


Guardian Angel Security has signed an exclusive distribution agreement for Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Island with EVERYWHERE Communications for the use of their global suite of product solutions for communication, location and monitoring of remote workers via satellite devices, smartphone apps, a web portal, location-based services, and APIs using patented deployed technology.

Our founder and CEO
 Petra Hakansson, says: “We’re delighted to have secured use of EVERYWHERE Communications’ technology for our customers in Australia and New Zealand who need to track and communicate with their teams deployed around the globe. We’re also really excited to be able to offer our services into the Pacific Islands for the first time.”

“Our mission is to deliver unrivalled safety for our enterprise and government customers. The Guardian EVERYWHERE Hub ensures people are always connected, anywhere.

Garmin inReach devices connected via our Hub enable SOS, two-way messaging, welfare checks, breadcrumb tracking and geofencing; using satellite, cellular, SMS, or Wi-Fi in the most efficient manner, to ensure no black spots.”

EVERYWHERE Communications Founder and CEO Patrick Shay, says: “We’re excited Guardian Angel Security are using our vital communications, location and monitoring systems to save lives in Australia and New Zealand. Our solutions are trusted by leading enterprise and government customers deployed in over 80 countries around the world.”

EVERYWHERE Communications’ fully integrated multi-mode communications solutions utilise the Iridium® satellite constellation, including the newly launched Iridium NEXT satellites, as well as Wi-Fi and cellular networks, to provide always-on connectivity globally, including the over 80 per cent of the world beyond the reach of cellular service.

The Guardian EVERYWHERE HUB, compatible with the Garmin inReach Mini, SE+ & Explorer+ devices, allows users to view a snapshot of their entire remote workforce. Colour-coded teams enable users to see the current location of each member or see a historical bread crumb trail.

Remote workers can communicate via a chat-style text messaging interface or, when equipped, voice text. Workers with equipped devices can also share geo-tagged pictures, video clips and audio clips.

Proactive health and welfare check features include requests of a user’s status – I’m OK, or I’m Not OK. Users can create a virtual geofenced perimeter to surround key worksites for the safe management of personnel in specific zones, and entry and exit alerts can be sent to preselected recipients.

Guardian Angel Security’s solutions circumvent the emergency number process to speed up emergency response, for mobile workers working alone or remotely, including, sudden-onset injury or illness, road accidents, vehicle failure, or other emergencies.

The Guardian EVERYWHERE Hub links customers in New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands, and Cook Islands to its response software at its audited monitoring stations in New Zealand and Australia.

Hakansson, who founded Guardian Angel Security in 2014, says the company takes its guardian role very seriously as they work to improve connectivity and productivity for people and assets, while supporting remote worker safety and duty of care.

“Having the right safety solutions in place for mobile and remote workers isn’t just about compliance – safety is all about planning for unforeseen situations and ensuring immediate response if required.”

Recent Health and Safety law changes in Australia and New Zealand and other countries have impacted a wide range of organisations with remote and mobile workers including government agencies, regional councils and environmental organisations; finance, banking and insurance; health boards and mobile community health providers; and forestry, farming and agriculture.

Hakansson adds, “We’re seeing a trend across these organisations towards wanting a lone worker safety specialist to keep remote workers connected and safe – recognising that it requires a different approach to traditional security companies who provide other types of security services.”

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