We’ve Changed Our Name: Here’s Why

After a lot of deliberation, we have finally taken the plunge and changed our company name – from Guardian Angel Security to Guardian Angel Safety. It might seem like a small change on the surface but, to us, it is a very big and important one. We believe Guardian Angel Safety more accurately reflects what we specialise in: lone worker safety.

Our company has evolved so much in the seven years since it was founded. For the last couple of years, Petra Hakannson, our founder and CEO, has been toying with the idea of better aligning our brand with our specialist field of expertise. A name change allows us to do that as it concisely states what we’re all about, and why we do what we do. As Petra says:

“I’ve had a niggling, annoying feeling that using the word “Security” in our name is confusing and doesn’t reflect what we do particularly well.  Yes, we do personal security but that term tends to conjure up images of big burly bodyguards.  What we do is “safety”.  To be frank, it’s just been too darned busy here to face all the work involved in changing our name (including domain) so we’ve been sitting on it.  But last month, I decided it’s time!”

We have all learned so much about lone and remote worker safety in the last seven years and we remain passionate about it. We have sent much-needed help to a lot of people in trouble, in both New Zealand and Australia. It’s the most satisfying feeling for all of us on the team when we know we’ve been able to respond immediately and assist a worker in crisis. We have kept them safe, no matter how isolated they are.  

Protecting lone and remote workers in New Zealand and Australia is our mission and our goal. You can rest assured, it always will be. So while the name of our company has changed, our commitment to worker safety will always be absolute, through a combination of an experienced team offering you world-class solutions and hardware. Our new URL will be guardianangelsafety.co and it will be your gateway to the ultimate in lone and remote worker safety on both sides of the Tasman.

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