Test, Test, Test…Please!

Our safety solutions for lone workers in New Zealand and Australia are world-class. They include the Guardian EVERYWHERE hub, our purpose-built enterprise software and intelligent routing enables organisations to track and communicate with their teams deployed around the globe. 

While we are supremely confident in our lone worker safety solutions, they’re only as good as the regular testing they must undergo. Users rely on the technology working as it should and regular testing will ensure a high degree of confidence that everything is fully functional. It’s a quick and easy process – just check out this statement from our clients at Tonkin and Taylor to see that prompt and professional attention is all part of our service, no matter what it is. We make it simple to carry out a highly important and necessary function like testing. We can’t stress enough how vital it is.      

A lack of attention to testing gives our brilliant devices a bad name. They work incredibly well – but you have a role to play in that. As far as we’re concerned, clients that aren’t engaged enough in lone worker safety are a problem. They buy our devices expecting them to work forever without seeing the need for regular testing, or ignoring the need to do so. The consequences for this are numerous but two of them really stand out – we can’t cover responsibility if you’re not testing. And under the Health Safety and Work Act you have the primary responsibility for the health and safety of your workers, be they lone workers, remote workers or as part of a group. What happens if something happens to one of your team members because you didn’t equip them with fully functioning equipment? By not testing our safety devices, you’re not upholding your duty of care to your employees.

For legal and moral reasons, we urge you to make regular testing your highest priority. While we understand that this is something you probably do anyway, we believe it’s an important issue and one worthy of a timely reminder every now and then. Please don’t think of it as an inconvenience –  as we mentioned earlier, time is of the essence when managing this type of service so we will make it quick and easy for you. If you have any enquiries at all about our lone worker safety solutions, including testing, please contact us and we’ll help you stay safe, secure and compliant with your legal obligations!

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