Northland Regional Council

When Northland Regional Council furnished all their vehicles with a Garmin inReach device, their main concern was for the safety of staff.  They wanted to make sure they could find them if they went missing, and that they could help fast if needed.  Of course providing “effective” communication is also a compliance issue which was dealt with by providing the inReach which has 2 way SMS messaging. 


Within a week of each vehicle being fitted with an inReach, we got a vehicle break down message.

Of course the driver was relieved he wasn’t going to have to walk the two odd hours to get help, but given it was close to the end of the day, even more relived that he wasn’t going to cause a search operation when he didn’t return to base.  With no cell cover to make a call, things really can get very complicated.  He used his newly issued inReach to send a message to his Manager who promptly dispatched assistance.

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