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When Libraries aren’t so peaceful


In the Waikato, at the local library, there was a crowd of rowdy young men gathering in the carpark. The noise was getting louder and angrier.  Our staff member grabbed the EGIS panic pendant and went to investigate.  


Just as she got to main entrance the fight that had broken out between two groups, burst through the doors. The staff member pressed the panic button which connected the device to our response centre. She called out “SEND POLICE” which our operator promptly did and Police arrived in less than 4 minutes.  


Not having to run to find a phone and call 111 and wait to be connected and wait to describe what service you want etc is a huge advantage with these solutions.  As soon as we get that SOS alert, we know where you are, who you are, and we can hear what’s going.  


The calls also get recorded for future evidence.  Additionally with the good pendants, they start updating location every 15sec when in alarm, which means if the user needs to run and hide, or get taken into a car and driven off, the device tracks and we can send help to the right location.  A pendant that only sends location once, when its activated, is not safe. 


In Blenheim a man that had been more than a little indulgent in his alcohol consumption caused a disturbance in the library.  Again the EGIS panic pendant proved its worth getting Police to the location fast to remove the party boy and restore peace at the library.


When a customer collapsed at Blenheim Library, the staff used their EGIS panic pendant to speed up getting help. This also allowed them to continue to focus on the customer and her needs, creating privacy and caring for her, knowing that the Guardian Angel operator was dealing with emergency services.


Our operator did everything by the book including calling Emergency Services back to ensure they had all the details they needed and confirming they were on site, and the H&S team at Marlborough District Council to ensure they were aware. The report was sent to the council and to Guardian Angel Head Office so that everyone had the details. That 1% of the time when things go wrong, it’s so vital that everything works how it should.

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