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Whanganui District Council


Whanganui District Council in January 2019 implemented a mix of Blackline Safety G7C (cell based) and G7X (cell and satellite based) solutions for our field based staff. After due diligence on the market and the products available, it was concluded that this product was the only one that would suit our needs of a mix of cell and satellite devices with man down and communications. Guardian Angel supplied the solution and trained all our staff in its use. They also monitor our solution from their Whanganui based monitoring provider.


The implementation was smooth and our staff engaged with the use of it with no problems. The solution is tested by staff monthly and closely monitored for coverage with no issues to date. The monthly test report from Guardian Angel along with the device usage reports from the Blackline portal have proven a trouble free and efficient way to ensure compliance of the solution and the staff.


Warrick Zander | Compliance Operations Manager

Whanganui District Council

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