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Mondiale Warehousing – Having the guts to speak up


Mondiale Warehousing called us a month ago enquiring about a solution for staff who sometimes have to leave the main building and go into a second warehouse, on their own.

They have recently introduced a new afternoon shift, which means there are sometimes only 2 staff on duty, and out of line of sight of each other, late at night. One of the staff most affected by this, had raised concern that if something happened to him, it’s possible nobody would know for a couple of hours. By which time, it could be too late.

We recommended an EGIS device with man down functionality and two way voice, monitored by Guardian Angel. It’s easy to use and wear and sends the SOS to us immediately via IP, SMS and it autodials our emergency line, opening a two way voice channel for the operator to communicate with the injured worker (if they’re conscious). Ambulance if required, is dispatched by one operator while a second operator would immediately call one of the escalation contacts from the main building to advise of the incident.

Mondiale made a fast decision on ordering an EGIS device for staff to share. We trained the 4 staff who may use the device giving them a chance to activate the SOS, speak to the operator and view it activated on the platform. I commended the staff member who had raised the concern, and I commended the HR Manager who had acted immediately. And I commend Mondiale for allowing her freedom to allocate budget immediately to address the concern of a staff member.

When I told the worker that I was proud of him for speaking up, he said “well I have four kids, and I really want to get home to them every day”. Quite right. And every worker has the right to feel safe in the knowledge that they will. I wish every worker in NZ was this vocal, and that every business in NZ provided the culture to make that comfortable, and the willingness to solve it.

Well done Mondiale Warehousing – we are proud to have you onboard!

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