Waipa District Council

the Waipa Animal Control and Compliance teams went live with EGIS duress devices. 


We check daily reports and look for any exceptions across our clients where the device has “bad GPS” (meaning it hasn’t been outside) and it tells us when the device was last charged.


If we notice that any devices don’t seem to be getting used, we quickly flick an email with the information through to our contact at the business so that they are aware.  We don’t like seeing money spent on good technology go to waste!  And we also like to know that people are safe! 

Well I kept looking for exceptions on the Waipa devices because it usually takes a while for staff to get used to charging and wearing the device.  And we had no calls for support or any questions or concerns. Nothing.  Every device was being used every day.


I could pat myself on the back and credit it to the exceptional training and engagement we provided to the team.  And while I know that helps, the credit has to go the culture at the council and the willingness from the team and the actual desire by them to feel safer knowing they can get help 24/7 at the push of a button.


The animal control staff also have automated welfare checks (15min apart) that they can activate at the push of a button should they feel unsafe.  This gives added protection in extreme situations.  They also know that if they activate the SOS the device connects a two way voice channel to our operators who can hear what is happening and will send Police if required.  With the verification of a situation through the operator being able to hear, the Police don’t hesitate to go.  And the calls are recorded for future evidence. 


We can’t stop situations arising and incidents happening, but we can make sure you’re not completely alone and that you get assistance immediately.


Every time I run into one of our staff with the devices, I ask how they are getting along and each has said they feel more confident and safer having it on them. Awesome!!”

Steph – Waipa DC


Waipa District Council – they’re a good (safe) bunch! 

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