Tonkin + Taylor were already using the inReach device.  They have staff who are often out of cell cover, and at times, overnight.  They were looking for a safer way to monitor the staff.  With the devices in constant use, a quick turn around was needed.  The devices were collected by us on a Friday, de-activated from their current accounts, re-activated on the Garmin Enterprise account, re-configured, tested and back in the hands of the users the next Tue morning when they were all trained by Anna from Guardian Angel.


“I thought I would send through some feedback on the back of an external audit we have recently been through. The reporting element of the Guardian Angel process was particularly appreciated, not only were we able to demonstrate robust controls regarding mitigating the risk around lone workers, but with consistent reports seamlessly being issued without fail, it gave us and the auditor clear evidence that we are managing these risks with what is now a well imbedded process working in tandem with Guardian Angel. Please pass on our thanks to the rest of your team.”
Shaun McIntosh | Regional Health & Safety Advisor


While they are confident users of the SMS messaging, practicing sending an SOS is important, as is the managers getting confident on the platform, so that they can view and message the devices.  Guardian Angel have integrated the signals from the Garmin servers direct into our response software at the monitoring station. Best chance of success and speed if someone needs help. Guardian Angel Peace of Mind for the staff, management and families. 


That’s why we do what we do. 

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