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  • Working collaboratively – Working closely with WorkSafe’s Senior Leadership Team meant that Guardian Angel discovered gaps in previous delivery
  • A fully managed solution – GAS manages critical administration tasks
  • Efficiencies – GAS “trained the trainers” who then went out across the country to train WorkSafe Inspectors and Managers.
  • 50 inReach devices pooled between 200 inspectors, with varied risk profiles
  • Consultation & scoping with Senior Management team to identify the ideal solution
  • Effective training of staff across the country over a one month period
  • Development of user documentation and processes
  • Fully managed solution
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Monthly reporting
  • Monthly testing with end user

WorkSafe New Zealand (WorkSafe) is New Zealand’s regulator of work Health and Safety. WorkSafe inspectors assess a huge variety of incidents, operating in remote locations, often alone, in risky environments and around hazardous substances. WorkSafe NZ has chosen GAS as its lone worker solution partner. 



Guardian Angel implemented its SatAngel solution for WorkSafe NZ, a comprehensive, fully managed satellite solution. GAS order and configure every device with each location’s specific requirements, setting them up on the management platform, with agreed upon risk profiles for the various business units. 



Guardian Angel trained WorkSafe NZ trainers to train inspectors in groups around the country. Ensuring users are not only familiar but confident with the device they will use is imperative, so that if and when necessary, they can get help fast, and with confidence. 



Following training, WorkSafe NZ staff knew what the device’s limitations are (for example that satellite devices can’t work inside), what it feels like to press the panic button, and in a live demonstration, how our monitoring station will respond in the event of receiving an alarm. GAS then worked with their monitoring station to implement WorkSafe NZ’s unique instructions.



Petra Hakansson, Guardian Angel’s Managing Director and Owner, says “Our close relationship with our monitoring station is key to what we do and how we operate. We know that they are 100% confident in what to do in the many different situations that may arise when monitoring lone, remote and isolated workers.” 


Refresher training candidates are identified constantly and provided with support.

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