Guardian Angel Safety Advances Remote Worker Safety With New Portal


Guardian Angel Safety, the industry-leading provider of lone and remote work solutions in Australasia, has launched the Guardian Angel Portal to enable organisations to be more responsive to the changing safety needs of mobile workers working alone or remotely.

Petra Håkansson
Guardian Angel Safety’s founder and CEO, Petra Håkansson

The new portal allows customers to securely view and manage all safety devices, data and planning for workers, in real-time, via an easy-to-use interface. In addition, all device monitoring, vehicle impact, and rollover alerts are delivered to the portal – with an immediate response from Guardian Angel Safety if required.

Guardian Angel Safety’s founder and CEO, Petra Håkansson, says the portal further differentiates the company as a specialist in robust end-to-end remote safety solutions to ensure worker safety and duty of care.

“Our portal provides a single source of truth for customers, which improves connectivity and productivity for people and assets. Customers can securely view and manage all safety devices in real-time in one place, including satellite devices, smartphone apps, cell pendants, vehicle impact and rollover alerts, location-based services, and APIs.”

Guardian Angel Safety advises clients on safety solutions to support lone and remote workers and provides technology integration, support and 24/7 monitoring. In addition, its manufacturer-agnostic technology approach allows the company to take advantage of new safety devices and technology innovations to ensure clients always have the best safety solution for their needs.

“We’ve designed our portal to be very flexible so customers can add new devices and solutions anytime, regardless of manufacturer, as their safety needs change. In addition, within an organisation, people can be assigned to any monitored devices as required, allowing device sharing among different teams, with an incident response tailored by device and person.”

Håkansson says with all user and escalation contact details in one place; its monitoring stations always have the latest response instructions for customers for any particular device or user.

“So if a change was made via the portal only five minutes ago, with devices moved between people, that’s fine as it’s live. There’s also a complete audit trail to see who changed what and when. We’ve removed a lot of pain for customers and reduced human error potential. Customers no longer have to manually update spreadsheets from device manufacturers and send them to us to make changes.”

The cloud-based portal encrypts data while being sent and at rest. In addition, policy-based permissions management ensures data can only be accessed by people who are authorised to do so and within their role.

Guardian Angel Safety’s solutions circumvent the emergency number process and link customers to its response software at its graded monitoring stations with trained operators to speed up the emergency response for mobile workers working alone or remotely, including sudden-onset injury or illness, road accidents, vehicle failure, or other emergencies.

Håkansson says long-standing customers such as WorkSafe New Zealand and Suncorp Group in Australia are already using the new portal. The company will continue developing its portal alongside customers to meet employers’ health and safety laws and security requirements in Australasia and the Pacific Islands.

To enable further integration, Guardian Angel Safety can also provide access to an API key and sandbox testing environment to allow customers to connect their HR software to maintain their users and escalations automatically.

Håkansson says the portal will provide a valuable opportunity to collect industry insights on incidents by collecting anonymised data that retains the data but keeps the source anonymous.

“We work with a wide range of organisations with remote and mobile workers, including government agencies, regional councils and environmental organisations; finance, banking and insurance; health boards and mobile community health providers; and forestry, mining, farming and agriculture.

“Our portal creates a unique opportunity to assist our clients further from a risk and prevention standpoint – as we’ll be able to analyse data to gain insights into why and where incidents are happening.”

Guardian Angel Safety also provides the Guardian EVERYWHERE solution exclusively in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, providing a single sign-on to Garmin and Iridium® devices with always-on global connectivity via the Iridium® satellite constellation and Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

Håkansson adds, “Having the right safety solutions for mobile and remote workers is all about planning for unforeseen situations and ensuring the appropriate response. We know people with protected physical safety will feel mentally safer and happier in their workplace. So in this way, Guardian Angel’s solutions also contribute to an organisation’s reporting on the S in ESG.”

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