Working closely with WRC’s project team meant that the budget was efficiently spent to deliver wide reaching protection for remote and isolated workers.


All Managers and staff were invited to workshops to understand the solution and have input on how it would be used and who would need their own versus pooled devices.

Fully managed solution

GAS manages critical administration tasks.


GAS delivered hands on training to all end users ensuring they were confident in the use of the solution.

On-going success

GAS monitoring includes monthly testing of each device with a report to H&S lead monthly showing untested device.




  • inReach devices and EGIS cell device; mixture of dedicated and pooled to service 120 staff, with varied risk profiles
  • Consultation & scoping with Project team to identify the ideal solution and processes for use
  • Effective training of staff across the region Development of user documentation and processes
  • Fully managed solution
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Monthly reporting
  • Monthly testing with end user 6 monthly refresher training

Central to the success of all large scale new technology solutions is always the consultation and engagement process. GAS and WRC staff conducted a “road show” throughout the Waikato Regional offices, engaging with managers, team leaders and staff. They were individually invited to provide feedback on how they saw the solution working in their work environment. As a result, the solution has been tailored to the requirements of the teams, and therefore, well received by leaders and staff. Usage of the devices has been extraordinary.


“The feedback from staff to date has been extremely positive and they feel much safer knowing they have a means of 2-way communication. We have enjoyed working with Guardian Angel on our Lone Worker project to deliver our objectives on time, and within budget. We are proud to be keeping our staff safe with a system capable of delivering 24/7 monitoring, across the region. We look forward to the on-going relationship with Guardian Angel Security.”
Marie Fullerton, Waikato Regional Council


The training plan was implemented quickly and efficiently. Guardian Angel trained over 200 staff across the region, so that they could fully understand the solution, how to use the device, and the processes around its use. GAS worked with the council to tailor the check in profiles and processes to fit the huge diversity of roles within the council. Petra Hakansson, Guardian Angel’s Managing Director and Owner, says “Our close relationship with our hardware suppliers, such as Garmin, Blackline Safety and Sec Eng Systems and our monitoring station is key to what we do and how we operate. Each of our suppliers are experts in their field and together we know we can tailor a solution that really will keep workers safe”.

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