Vehicle Solutions as Lone Worker Solutions


If the main objective of your vehicle solution is to make RUC claims easy, or manage driver behaviours and/or efficiencies then there’s a best “fit for purpose” solution to meet this need.  Trying to extend it to be a lone worker solution, isn’t always possible, or indeed a good idea.


But whatever you do, don’t make anybody think it’s a health and safety solution.  A false sense of safety on a cell-based vehicle solution which travels outside of cell coverage, and with no impact and rollover alerts, or pendants is plain dangerous.  It is not going to help in any other way but to potentially help you find someone who is missing. 


If one of the main risks for your company is driving, then you need to think about the following:


  1. Do you have a GPS vehicle system? If yes, can a lone worker solution be integrated to protect staff when they are driving and working alone?
  2. If you don’t currently have a vehicle solution in place, how do you ensure you will know immediately if they have had an incident? particularly if they are driving in remote locations and potentially hazardous conditions? 
  3. If a driver experiences a vehicle break down outside of cell cover, what would they do?


Do your research (or ask us) to ensure you get a robust, and effective product, and implement the solution that is the best fit for the risks you are seeking to address.


There is a range of vehicle solutions out there, remember that an effective lone worker vehicle solution will:


  • Provide GPS tracking.
  • Have a stable platform that provides comprehensive reports.
  • Have rollover and impact alerts that are monitored 24/7 by a professional centre.
  • Will be paired with a pendant if your worker is at risk outside of the vehicle.
  • Will use a mix of cell and satellite.
  • Messaging capability either from the vehicle solution or a handheld satellite communicator.


For guidance and impartial, evidence-based advice to make the responsible choice for the safety of your Remote & Lone Workers, please get in touch.

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