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“Guardian Angel Security have been responsive and proactive to deal with, we now have absolute confidence our people are safe.”


  • 45 EGIS devices
  • 24/7 monitoring with Guardian Angel Security monitoring station
  • Lone worker project consultation
  • Policy guidance and process design
  • Monthly reporting on use
  • Monthly testing with end users
  • Ongoing technical support


  • A single supplier solution – supply of hardware, staff training, monitoring and ongoing support
  • Smooth implementation – Guardian Angel Security supported NEC NZ through the change process, ensuring staff are engaged in the project and use the device safely and effectively meeting client objectives
  • Guardian Angel scoped and delivered a solution that meets NEC NZ’s unique needs

Karl Pryce, Health and Safety Manager explains – ‘We had been trying to solve our lone worker issue for over 12 months and had researched a number of devices and solutions including satellite, radio and mobile phone Apps with no confidence of success’.

“Two months later we had the cellular duress devices in place with our staff fully engaged and trained, processes in place and monitoring with escalations active”


The solution for NEC NZ included staff training and engagement which is pivotal to any solution becoming successfully embedded within a company. GAS worked with NEC NZ around current H&S policies, ensuring that new processes met policy requirements. Staff have access to local support from GAS, as well as 24/7 365 monitoring from Guardian Angel’s New Zealand based monitoring station.

Part of NEC NZ’s solution includes the monthly testing of devices with the end user. This is key to ensuring devices are operating at 100%, while staff stay familiar with the device, including how to activate an SOS. This vital testing ensures that in a real world event, where users are likely to be under stress, they won’t have to think about how to activate the device, they can do it without thinking at all. It also satisfies the compliance need for NEC NZ to be testing their emergency systems.

Staff at NEC NZ feel confident that they are always safe, and able to get help when they need it most.

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