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Long term relationships with customers including Worksafe NZ brings many benefits


2 years ago, Worksafe went to market with an idea that they wanted to try to combine their vehicle solution with their lone worker solution.  After extensive investigation the decision was made to indeed implement a vehicle solution while continuing to entrust Guardian Angel with their lone worker safety. We are proud that Worksafe continue to put their trust in us to keep their people safe.


The implementation of the inReach solution with Worksafe taught us a lot. 

We learned a lot about user engagement, and the value of this prior to implementation to make sure the processes and the set up of the device makes sense to the particular roles in the field.  Especially when the devices are all shared and the extra complexity this brings.  Clients don’t have and nor would we expect them to have, specific knowledge of how GPS works, what will and won’t work where etc.  So the collaboration between client and supplier are vital to ensure success.  Really good clear communication and lots of questions from us to truly understand the clients environment and risks are the only way the very best solution can be implemented the very best way.  And every company is different.  Different risks and different cultures.  Worksafe had operational staff changes right at implementation time so that added challenges. 


Great communication and deep relationships is what earns us the trust to protect staff in the field. 

Since then, the Guardian Angel team members have developed great relationships with Worksafe support staff around the country so now we know exactly who to go to, what information needs to go where and the best way to communicate with the different teams.   We have also learned a lot, like a lot! We know the technology better than anyone, but we have learned more about not being shy with some of our questions.  We really need to understand the culture and what communications methods are going to get traction.  How much engagement is required before implementation and the best change management methods, including the end user training.


Putting our experience into action.

Yesterday we sent Police to help Lisa, one of our council Animal control officers.  Lisa was not at all expecting any problems in her day when she found herself in a totally unexpected situation.  It was a reminder of why we do what we do.  The SOS reached us with lightning speed due our insistence on API integration (we don’t rely on sms or email to monitor), we had a two way call connected within milli seconds.  Our operator Taylor did an amazing job of taking down details to pass to our second operator who was despatching Police (our operators always team up on lone worker alarms), and keeping Lisa updated with Police ETA.


I spoke to Lisa yesterday and she expressed how grateful she was, and how Taylor kept her calm.  Police and Lisa’s manager arrived within a short time and while the perpetrators had run off, Lisa was shaken but unharmed.  So it was a good outcome.  Lisa has had her Guardian Angel pendant for over 3 years but has never had to use it.  The fact that she didn’t hesitate, knew exactly what to do, and that our operators knew exactly what to do, is testament to our rigorous processes in operator training and monthly testing giving everyone an opportunity to practise for that one time it’s needed.  We have had a number of incidents in the last year which continues to strengthen our commitment to the work behind the scenes and the importance of having these solutions in place for that one time it all goes wrong, and the speed of response is potentially life saving.


To discuss your lone worker needs with us and receive impartial advice that can help save lives, please, get in touch.  We’d love to help protect your staff. 

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