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Guardian Angel Security Giving Lone Workers An Efficient and Safe Way to Work


Peace of mind for workers
When placing someone back into society after struggling with difficulties, there comes a flicker of risk with it too. Since being equipped with Guardian Angel Security devices, Ember’s lone workers have cited that the device has given them peace of mind – especially when having to meet with strangers in an unfamiliar and sometimes rural location on their own. Having help just a button push away puts their minds at ease and allows the workers to carry out their duties with confidence.


Reduced Admin and more Efficiency
Efficiency also became an impressive noticeable factor in day-to-day operations, as Ember Team Manager, Iain, could attest to. He claims that the introduction of the security devices has reduced and sometimes altogether removed his need to do end of day check-ins with all of the regional navigation staff members. From an administrative perspective, that’s time saved checking in 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year with 2-3 staff members.


Putting the minds of our community heroes at ease
Another employee gave feedback that being equipped with the device on long haul drives in rural areas made the trip less anxiety-riddled. This is due to the devices having in-built impact sensors – so even if a crash occurred, or the driver failed to check-in, the GPS signal would tell the Guardian Angel Response team exactly where to send help! Allowing community heroes like Ember staff to do their jobs without fear is Guardian Angel Security’s mission, making sure that lone workers always have an attentive team at their back ready to send help anywhere, and at any time.


“Our staff are working as lone workers, often in remote or more rural areas of the Waikato and Northland. Their work sees them regularly meeting clients one on one, and although by policy, not in their homes, we may meet them while being picked up or dropped off home. One staff member cited that on reflection, they did not know the person or the area. There thankfully was no situation or incident, but they said that having the device on them was peace of mind for an unforeseen situation!”

Michael Hawkey – General Manager Infrastructure – Ember

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