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From crisis to solution: Guardian Angel’s real-world test in NZ’s recent cyclone & floods


In early 2023, Guardian Angel faced a significant test of its solutions and services during the aftermath of Cyclone Gabrielle in New Zealand. This real-world disaster scenario marked the first major trial for the company since its establishment in 2014. The devastating cyclone claimed the lives of 11 individuals and severely impacted the Hawkes Bay region, where many of our clients were located. In response, our dedicated staff worked tirelessly to provide support and assistance to those affected.

This article highlights our client’s efforts and the lessons learned from this challenging experience.

Client Support and Assistance

Guardian Angel’s Customer Support team demonstrated exceptional commitment by going above and beyond to assist our clients during the crisis. They facilitated urgent training recaps, expedited device orders, dispatched demo devices, and ensured that the most affected organizations received the necessary support to maximize the utilization of our solutions. We take great pride in acknowledging their passion and dedication to assisting those in need.

Sharing & Learning Workshop

Recognising the importance of capturing valuable insights for future improvement, Guardian Angel invited its clients to participate in a collaborative “sharing and learning” workshop. To ensure an accurate record of the discussions, we engaged the services of writer Andrea Stevens from Folio. We express our sincere gratitude to our esteemed clients, including Worksafe NZ, Waka Kotahi NZ Transport, WSP, and Hawke’s Bay Regional Council, for generously sharing their time, learnings, and suggestions. Additionally, we extend our appreciation to Garmin and Everywhere for granting their approval to share their contributions.

Special Report

The culmination of our collaborative efforts and the insights gathered during the workshop has resulted in a comprehensive “Special Report.” This report serves as a valuable resource for understanding the challenges faced, the actions taken, and the lessons learned from the New Zealand cyclone and floods. We encourage professionals in the field to download the report by clicking on the following link:

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