A few weeks ago we had an email alert from one of our app providers around Apple’s new IOs 12 which is sleeping apps not recently used to preserve battery life. 

Of course apps do drain phone battery so the intention is good, however for lone worker apps, this is certainly not ideal.  Some apps have coded a regular “wake up” prompt to ensure the app is launched. 


We are uncertain how regular this is, and what sort of gaps it might leave.  If you are using an app for your lone workers, we suggest you check with your provider how they have overcome this issue.  End users will certainly forget to keep checking that their app is launched so we urge you to be aware of this and to take steps to mitigate the exposure. 



While we do have lone worker apps, this does reinforce our stance that a stand alone duress device is always going to be safer and more reliable.  Apps will always be at the mercy of the handset itself and the running system (and users tootooing with the settings!)

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