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Why We Partner With Blackline Safety


A PCBU (a person/entity conducting a business or undertaking) must manage any risks to the health and safety of their lone workers, as specified in new Health and Safety at Work General Risk and Workplace Management Regulations. While not all risks can be eliminated, they must be minimised as much as possible. Each work situation is different and PCBUs have to consider things on a case-by-case basis when assessing potential risks faced by their lone workers – but regardless of the risk, we firmly believe that lone workers in New Zealand and Australia are entitled to the world’s best protection, and that includes Blackline Safety products.   

Blackline Safety Lone Worker Alarms & Duress Devices

Blackline Safety is based in Calgary, Canada and designs and manufactures some of the most advanced Lone Worker duress devices in the world; that’s why we recommend them so highly.  Blackline is a pioneering company, creating a number of lone worker wearable devices that are the first of their kind. When they’re combined with their ultra-reliable smartphone app, these devices provide critical safety monitoring features that are proven to ensure the safety of lone workers in New Zealand, Australia and the rest of the world. As an example, many district councils in New Zealand equip their employees with Blackline Safety products when they’re working in the field. We know that these councils, and their team members, see this as a very smart and effective investment with safety at the core of the decision and outcome.

Live Lone Worker Monitoring For Peace of Mind.

Lone worker monitoring is reinforced by Blackline’s Live cloud-hosted monitoring and configuration portal, as well as the option of 24/7 live monitoring. This portal is at the very core of all Blackline safety monitoring solutions and provides businesses and government organisations with world-class alert management tools, compliance dashboards and the comprehensive configuration management of fielded devices. When combined, they keep a lone worker connected and reduce any risks they may encounter. 

Get the alert fast… when it counts!

Blackline Safety Solutions are integrated via API to Guardian Angel’s monitoring station. That means that when an alert hits servers in Canada, it also hits our response software in NZ. That allows for a fast reaction when a lone worker needs help.

Do you have the right lone worker setup to respond when it counts?

Blackline Safety is just one weapon in our arsenal for maximising lone worker protection in New Zealand and Australia. If you want to find out more about this company’s world-leading devices, or any other solution or hardware that gives lone workers the added protection they fully deserve, contact Guardian Angel Safety today. 

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