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Lone worker solutions

Making Australia & New Zealand safer places to work.

We help you find the right lone worker safety solutions, devices & monitoring for your teams unique working conditions & needs.

Lone & Remote Worker Solutions Buyers Guide

A guide to selecting the right solution for your organisations.

Our Critical Response Solutions


Lone Worker Devices & Hardware

We work with globally established proven hardware manufacturers.



Network saturation assessment of your staff operating areas.


Lone Worker Monitoring

We provide 24/7 Support & Alert Monitoring of your lone workers.


Lone Worker Safety Consultancy

Industry-leading suite of service programs and interactive training.

Our Mission

We take our responsibility for the safety of lone workers very seriously and are on a mission to make New Zealand a safer place to work.

Our team has spent over 12 years working with GPS solutions in a Health and Safety application.

We work with clients from Government to SMEs on a variety of networks and risk environments.

We always begin our journey with you with questions: “Who are your people?  What are they doing? Where are they working? When are they working?”

Then we can guide you towards the best fit for purpose device, process and response.

We see solutions fail time and again due to the focus being on the “gadget” instead of the person.

Gadgets don’t save people… people do!   Our passion is people and their safety using the best globally available technology.

Guardian Angel Security will ensure your solution is the safest one.

One size doesn't fit all

Not all solutions are made equal and at Guardian Angel we can guide you with impartial, evidence based advice to get the right fit for your Lone Workers.

Find out how our solutions work in real life incidents.

Your safety is what matters

Let us give you peace of mind that you have handed this project to the industry experts. 

People who know all the solutions on the market and will ensure you end up with the correct one, and will take the time to assess the risks the processes and escalations.

A seamless delivery of a solution that will keep delivering. 

We will make sure that the solution you choose is going to do the absolute best it can to keep them safe.

We will talk to them, find out what their fears are, what they have to deal with, where they go, how they move, who will respond, what will work for them and then find the solution that they will use, and will work in their environment.

Not just today, but for as long as you and they need us. That’s our promise. Your staff safety is our business.​

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Not sure what you need?

Get your free copy of our buyers guide

“How to Evaluate Lone & Remote Worker Solutions”. Learn how to select the right devices, monitoring & get clarity on the best lone & remote worker solutions for your organisations needs.

Lone Worker risk assessment

Identifying an effective Lone Worker management solution can be daunting. Our Lone Worker Risk Assessment helps you cut through the noise. Get a better idea of your lone worker risks.

Lone Worker Safety Solutions Audit

Because we don’t know each other yet we have designed a quick lone worker safety audit. This lets us get to know you better and answer any questions you may have.

Please get in touch for guidance and impartial, evidence-based advice to make the responsible choice for the safety of your Lone Workers.