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Why you shouldn’t rely on EPIRB & PLB’s for lone worker protection

There are 1000’s of EPIRB’s & PLB’s in the field being used to protect lone workers.

    As a back up, or for recreational use… Sure.  Go ahead.  But for keeping staff safe on a daily basis, not so much.

    We’re not big fans.

    Largely due to the number of failures and serious delays we hear of constantly, from users who are moving to inReach.

    Also, because we don’t really feel it fits the “effective works of communication” guideline in the HSWA.

    We read everything we can get our hands on to ensure we’re keeping up with any potential advancements, and we come across a few independent comments and trials.

    We’ve prepared an information paper from our research.

    In our paper you will learn:

    • The difference between EPIRB’s PLB’s and 2 way satellite communicators.
    • Why you shouldn’t rely on EPIRB & PLB’s to protect your lone workers.
    • The difference between the Inmarsat satellite system and the iridium satellite network and which will give your lone workers the best level of protection in the field.

    Please get in touch for guidance and impartial, evidence-based advice to make the responsible choice for the safety of your Lone Workers.